Unsurprisingly, here at the Proper Cornish Food Company, we’re passionate about pasties. Our mission in life is simple - we want to keep making the best Artisan handmade Cornish pasties in the world. Not only are our pasties made with the finest, freshest, natural ingredients (no nasties here), they’re also crafted to a time-honoured recipe, so you can be sure that when you eat one, you’ll be getting the best of Cornwall in every delicious mouthful. YUM.

Our Products

Traditional Cornish Pasty

The most popular pasty in our range for a reason. Deep-filled with fresh Cornish swede, onion, potato and succulent steak, this pasty is delicious, satisfying and guaranteed to keep you going through even the most mind-numbing of lectures.

Cheese and Onion Pasty

We use the finest mature cheddar and sweet onions to ensure our filling is creamy, indulgent and everything a cheese and onion pasty should be

Handcrafted Pies

We’ve taken all our pasty expertise to create its cousin – the star shaped pie. Available in four flavours with a hand pinched finish, big enough to fill the gap and small enough to eat two!

Our Values

People like to know they’re getting the genuine article. Just like Champagne can only be produced in the Champagne region of France, only in Cornwall can the perfect pasty be made. And only the Cornish know the secret.

We always use proper quality ingredients and we strongly believe in supporting local farmers and working closely with them to grow our vegetables.

    From third generation farmer, Chris Dustow, in Par
    From Hay Farm based in stunning Torpoint ran by Jeremy and Anthony
    From family ran dairy 'Trewithen Farm' in Lostwithiel


Our History

For centuries, the pasty has held a special place in Cornish hearts and in Cornish culture. There is still a great deal of debate as to its true origins, but early references include a letter from a baker to Henry’s VIII’s third wife, Jane Seymour, that states, “hope this pasty reaches in better condition than the last one…”.There are also quotes in some of Shakespeare’s plays, including All’s Well That Ends Well: Act IV Scene III – PAROLLES: “I will confess to what I know without constraint: if ye pinch me like a pasty, I can say no more”.

The pasty is best known for evolving in the 1800s as a complete, hand-held, hot meal for Cornish tin miners. Mines often built large ovens on the surface to keep the pasties warm until it was time to eat. The shout ‘Oggie, Oggie, Oggie’ is said to originate from Cornish miners calling for their pasties (also known as oggies or tiddy oggies).

Variations of the pasty can be found throughout the UK and parts of the United States, Mexico, Argentina and Australia. But you know well, pasty lover, that a true Cornish pasty can only be made and baked the traditional way in Cornwall.